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Our Unique Designs

You are born to stand out! So does your activewear!

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With matching leggings

Your activeware can be as exciting as you are!

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Why choosing The Ticklish Brush?

Our products are

Exclusively found here with head turning artwork designs

Every design and artwork are hand drawn digitally or from a original painting by founder Katie Hua in Minnesota USA. You will not find the same design out there. Each design is beautifully presented, and the artwork is considerably arranged to fit each garment type. It takes more than 80 hours to complete a single design from sketch to the final art print that is ready to print on fabric.

Our products use sublimation printing technique and the ink is heated until it disintegrates into the fabric. The inks become a permanent part of the material, so they won’t peel or scratch off. Colors are guarantee bright and vibrant with a high definition look! Better yet, the sublimation ink is non-toxic and eco-friendly!

Supreme quality, Supersoft, stretchy, and comfortable

Our garments are made with a comfortable microfiber yarn, They have a smooth feel that rivals silk. They are durable and long wearing, which continuously holds its' shape and color! Our products are made to last!

Eco-conscious, products made on demand

Our products are not mass produced. Each product is made one at a time in the USA for US consumers; meaning lower transport emissions and less negative environmental impact. It's a greener choice! The product is made on demand to fulfil a customer's order. Also, we use 100% recycled materials for our packaging. These cut down on waste and minimizes environmental impact.

Handmade, hand-sewn, and crafted withcare

Each product is precision cut, hand-sewn and put together by expert in-house seamstresses. And it all happens in the USA. Manufacturing products in the USA is important from an ethical standpoint in that it is produced in a safe and fair pay environment.

  • By Lauren H

    "I receive lots of compliments on how beautiful the designs are! The colors are so vibrant, and the fabric is so soft. I get great support, without hardly knowing the sports bra is there. I've worn it to the beach and doing hot yoga. It has great wicking properties. I can't wait to wear more!"

  • By Emily P

    "These yoga pants are seriously soft and comfy, Non-restrictive, breathable, fast drying. I’m a avid lululemon wearing gal and these can hang aesthetically. I was impressed with the print quality too!"

  • By Christine W

    "I am seriously so impressed with the artwork and quality! They looked so small, but gosh do they stretch! And when they do they aren't see through, washed a few times now and both shape and color hold up really well! Highly recommended!"

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Our Mission

Same with a lot of extraordinary women like you, the one who are committed to become the very best versions of themselves while having so much fun in the process, the one who enjoys putting themselves together in creative ways in order to express their personality authentically. Woman like you who are seeking spirituality and strives to gain wisdom through experience and knowledge, who loves to connect themselves with like-minded individuals and shares their journey of self-improvement while supporting others that are going through the same.  At The Ticklish Brush, we value in fitness, selfcare, healthy lifestyles and mindset.  We carry the same values and we create every item of clothing with you in mind.  The Ticklish Brush’s mission statement is “You were born to stand out!  We inspires women to express herself by designing sophisticate comfortable everyday wear and products to support their everyday healthy lifestyles.”

Our Values

It’s now time to say goodbye to that boring closet! Because honestly, you have enough basics. Let’s spice up your closet! Explore vibrant, statement making looks to your everyday wear! Because I know women like you are looking for activewear that are comfortable, exciting, and made to stand out from the rest that they enjoy wearing all day. So we are thoughtful with every design and carefully select the quality of the garment, because we know you value those things like we do!

High quality and performance of the garment is our standard, each of the design was created thoughtfully and every design convey wisdom and knowledge from the spirit animals. Sometime we just need a little hidden message to remind us to be our best self.

Each of the design comes with a spiritual tales that teach us, guide us, empower us, and provide us wisdom. I believe the intimate connection we have to the animal kingdom shows itself in a variety of ways, it’s amazing how animals permeate our consciousness and are with us all the time teaching us important wisdom of life in a multitude of symbolic representations.  We can learn from them for guidance, protection, encouragement and inspiration!  At The Ticklish Brush, we share each pieces of these knowledges on each design.

Who's behind the scene?

Hello! My name is Katie Hua, founder of The Ticklish Brush. I have been drawings since age three. I especially love drawing animals, and feeling very connected to the nature around me. I have a passion to create. I find purpose in my life, and feel fulfilled when I create. My business idea started from the ticklish feeling in my soul, wanting to pursue what I love doing the most... to draw and paint)! So this is how “THE TICKLISH BRUSH” was born!  I love living in a healthy well-balanced lifestyles; meditating in the morning, running on my elliptical machine, and doing Pilates before starting my day, and having low sugar diets.  However, I find it very difficult to express myself and get excited with everyday wear. For this reason, I started with design activewear that you can wear all day. It stands out from the rest!